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Halon, FM-200, Novec

Fire Suppression Systems

Fire suppression systems consist of fire alarm initiating devices, notification appliances and fire suppression agent. Upon activation of initiating devices, fire suppression agent such as Novec 1230, FM-200, Halon, Inergen or Carbon Dioxide will be discharged to protected premises. Amount of fire suppression agent needed to extinguish fire calculated based on volume of a room (computer room, paint booth, art storage etc.) The most effective type of clean agent is Novec 1230, which is also the most environmental friendly clean agent. As of today Halon is banned in the United States and Halon systems cannot be installed. FM-200 Clean agent can be installed in US, but is banned in other countries such as Denmark and Germany due its negative effect on the environment. In case of activation of Fire suppression system all occupants must leave protected area. All Fire Suppression systems must be inspected semi-annually. Fire Bell provides compete service, inspection and installation of suppression systems.

About our Company

Fire Bell provides extremely intelligent, high-performance and most reliable fire protection equipment available on the market. We install products that provide unique, extremely tangible benefits resulting from technological breakthroughs that are defining the future of fire protection industry. These products such as addressable fire alarm systems, addressable Fire suppression systems and wireless fire alarm devices, provide more protection, reliability and better quality to our customers. Fire Bell Corporation conducts annual fire alarm inspections, annual and quarterly sprinkler inspections, semi-annual inspections of Clean Agent (Halon 1301, FM-200 etc) Suppression Systems, annual 90 minutes Exit and Emergency light testing and more. We also provide complete installations and repairs of Fire Alarm Systems.

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